"Promoting African photographers
in Europe"


Why being featured in our guide ? 


Promotion is the key aspect for selling. Europe is full of art lovers. Moadiga Guide boost your chance to sell abroad.

New faces

African photography is moving. Being the new face of African photography will help you. Portrait, interviews, exhibition. Show yourself and your art.

Here more

We help African photographers exhibits their art in Paris and soon in Brussels. More than the guide, you will also count on our newsletter and community counting thousands of African photography lover.


Very easy.


Send few information and we take care of everything.

No fees

Do you only want to be featured ? No fees for that.
After our selection you will be featured in the Moadiga guide for free.
Your art will be seen by thousands of art lover.


You are unique just like your story and your art. Show it to the world.
We we help you doing so.


An ebook. Simple to carry on.

  • PAD

Be unique, show It to the world.

Being featured in Moadiga guide

  • Portrait, interview and 2 of your art pieces
  • Being promoted online
  • Being called for flash sales in our newsletter


Being represented

  • Being featured in Moadiga guide
  • Being called for flash sales in our newsletter
  • Being booked for exhibition
  • Being helped for printing and delivery
  • Being promoted online
  • Being promoted in our network


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